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  So this afternoon has been filled with spurts of motivation timed with power outages that happened to affect the side of my trailer near my computer and lamp. This has been the first time for the last hour or so that I haev been able to access my brain and several places to use it. Reading would have been a suitable alternative to online work but was unavailable due to lack of light. Luckily we are back online again and my brain never quite woking, even though the power might have. Without even having to touch the breaker the electricity turned back on and functioned like gold once more. Now I can return to The Bader-Meinhof Comlex, which I was watching just a while ago. We shall see what My brain comes up with and uses to paint its canvas as I sit back, collect, and take notes from the paint and ink regurgitated by my subconscious as I dwell here in the dark, staring up at the ceilign from a rolling office chair as balck as the night I sit within. Long live marijuana and the imagination.

Laugh Long, Love Life,

Ryan Versaw