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Right now I am thankful for a place that has driven  me into blissful minsanity I eat with cake and ice cream. Lightener Creek   Mobile Home Park  makes such a fist pounding, detrimental impact +upon the earth that I wonder if all like  me relaize what beautiful hell we live in. A sewage pond bubbles green downstream, accross the field from Lightener Creek and our water is allegedly up the hill. Near the aeration pond is a small puddle existing where there should be only dirt and reeds planted originally to absorb poisons from sewage. Reeds carry our disease and the bacterium of the new era is the  mentality people use to hide it. I am the one who exposes our shit and claim my share; a thousand fluses and a  million gallons of digested food per year along with all of the chemicals that drain fro my baby blue topped trailer. Ah, sweet garbage and sludge that  I feed to the world and the poison it creates.  My  mark of poison is lie soap and bleack used to clean the sink and toilet in addition to the fuel I need to walk accross this land, as far as the eye can see and trash  my edible excess. Yes, there is excess, and I live within it in estacy. Just when I exist in the dark of what flows down the creek to  me, I walk up the road to discover that we have raped a burial ground and paved it with synthetic places of rest that resonate with pain now one can see without rolling in it.

A  man by the last name of Seale believes it is illegal to sell milk form his Nubian goats because you need a paper permit to sell your bread. At the end of the road exists a series of a-frames upon a hill side where a septic overflow pond exists uphill from the creek we know and love. Perpendicular to the other houses exists a house of a girl who believes in provacy in a land refusing to give privacy to the dead. Each step I take drains my energy and fills  me with dirt from the way we live in this valley; thankfully  my soul to take only when I am dead. Bless this land of cursed dread and be done with it at the end of this  month. Such a great spirit within the inverted lake of the sky and a land of poison dirt and beauty. This world is a fucked up and beautiful place, one of hatred and love. I vow to take care of  it and heal before getting out of here.