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  It is the winter time and my heart is on fire with thoughts of all the people of this land called Pagosa Springs, Colorado who have held it together. The fabric pulled taught but and ripped but never tore so badly it was beyond repair. This next hit goes out to Haylee Burnette, a streamer of the San Juan Mountains living at the summit of the nearest peak, send messages to God. While those like myself sat and cursed god, Haylee praise from a mountain closer to the sky than any man could reach in a day. Upon a mountain there is a compound I can see from here and I am going to find it and within it, Haylee herself or all she has left behind. Haylee, child of God, we love you and will breath your spirit always and feel it with the land. Claim your liver and kidney worth of land and hold it, even if you let an organ in order to hold the other; that is what the life of Haylee taught us. I look up a mountainside and raise a fist you, Haylee. You found peace at last all of us still dream about.

Laugh Long, Love Life,

Ryan Versaw