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will you respond already?

Come one all ye faithful or unfaithful, will ye respond at least?

You could say fuck you or I agree or disagree with your post. Words like dislike or indifferent are acceptable. I need feedback in why the world is so fucked up sometimes and why I must take a shot back at it to feel better. These days I feel as though I am nailing a shot back at the wall. This wall I refer to is pasted with an assortment of memories of my life. Photographs of a Washington street, lined with trees and the dirtiest river in the Northwest. Brick houses and abandoned buses nearby a field serves as a giant compound and gatehouse for the military. Life sifts slowly from one side of the street to the other for a passer by from outside this neighborhood. People of paint and a taste for life and the culture to prove this, exist in a place where the troubled can actually heal. Up the street is a coffee shop that would flourish if someone only spread the word and if the owner wanted it to be spread.

"I am not really trying to make money girls; I've just always wanted to own a coffee shop," said a woman in my mind as she sipped on something covered in foam and whipped cream. 

There is more to come. Beware the dreedles. To find out what those are, stay tuned.

Laugh Long, Long Love Life,

Ryan Versaw